Poker face, or taking things slowly and in a logical manner are the two main keys to success in the game of poker. It doesn’t matter what style of poker you play, the first principle applies. Learn to control your emotions and to show others that you are not a violent player.

The second key is to be sure you know the game you are playing. Knowing the rules will give you a greater edge over other players at the table. That way, you will be able to not only read the signals of your opponents, but you can read their motives for doing so.

The third key is to have confidence in yourself. Never be afraid to lose a hand. Playing to lose a hand is all part of the game. When you win, you will be glad.

The fourth key is to learn to take things slowly and methodically. Don’t rush into moves. Being able to do this will help you as well.

When it’s time to pick up your chips, remember to walk away with your head held high. Nothing really matters more than the image you project to your opponents. You want them to think that they have to come up with you if they want to win the pot.

Knowing how to deal with your cards is the fifth key. If you are dealt a set of cards, be sure to deal them out carefully and patiently. If you see a chance to act against your opponent, don’t do it.

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One more key to the game is to remember to let your chips go when you are done playing. As long as you have just played a winning hand, let your chips go. You may not be able to remember the entire hand, but at least you will be able to remember what was played and how much it was worth.

Finally, knowing the conditions of the hand and how to read the indicators is another key. Knowing how the cards are laid out before you, can tell you whether you are ahead or behind the game. This is also why knowing the rules will be so important.

Knowing the basics of the game and the rules will allow you to get a feel for what happens in the game. Of course, each game is different. However, you should always play a good game when you can.

Knowledge of the game is the sixth key. Poker isn’t the same game no matter where you play it. The key to a good game is knowing what you are doing at all times and making sound decisions as to which move you make.

Each game has a specific strategy that you should follow. Understanding these strategies and knowing how to use them will make a huge difference in how you play. There is also the factor of reading the indications that can also make a big difference.

The seventh key is to not allow emotions to cloud your judgment. Doing so will cause you to make mistakes that will cost you money. The final key is to know when to fold and make a bet when you are behind.


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